Rain Body Wash

Rain Body Wash
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Size: 9 oz

Supre Rain Body Wash Tan Extending Cleanser

Sulfatefree gentle formula cleans gently without drying to prolong the life of your tan, while powerful antiaging botanical waters and skin conditioners calm, hydrate, and shower your skin with nourishment and moisture.

* Sulfatefree gentle cleansers won't dry skin and strip away color, while helping to maintain your skin's natural moisture balance. * A revolutionary AntiFade Complex of Carob Extract and Tyrosine enhances melanin production after UV exposure for continued color development extending the life of your tan. * Papaya Water, Cucumber Water, and Peptides offer hydrating, soothing, and antiaging benefits to help protect tanned skin from environmental stress and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Liquid Sugar Fragrance