Platinum Zero Tingle 4 1oz

Platinum Zero Tingle 4 1oz
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Product Description

Size: 1oz.

Platinum Zero Glace Tanning is John Abate`s newest, most unique tanning accelerator and skin care lotion that brings a whole new sensory experience to accelerated indoor tanning. Platinum Zero`s distinctive and unique cooling formula contains JA`s exclusive, brisk blend of invigorating and aroma therapeutic essences to cool, sooth and rejuvenate the senses and bring fragrant refreshment to the skin, body and soul. Select concentration of vitamins, botanical extracts, tyrosine and ultrasomes, and innovative tanning & skin care ingredient, promote abundant melanin production for a dark, luminous tan and soft, healthier looking skin. Extreme Tingle Factor 4 executes intense epidermal microcirculation stimulation for fast and darktanning results.