Pink Diamond Pkt

Pink Diamond Pkt
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Product Description

This dazzlingly original tingle bronzer has been polished and shined to reveal its ultimate sparkle.

Featuring its original T2 tingle power, this tanning “gem” has an updated look with a new, more moisturizing feel! Expose your fundamental Swedish Beauty with the refreshed, refashioned and renewed color of Pink Diamond!

T2 Tingle Bronzer

Carat Complex Bronzing combination that provides a deep, underlying dark tone to enhance your tingle color.

Firming and Toning Blend Caffeine and Allantoin tone and firm the skin by helping to stimulate tissue growth.

Polished Smooth Skin A unique trio of ingredients help condition, heal and soothe to keep your tingle at the perfect balance of comfort and color.

Flawless Finish Moisture 3 new super moisturizers promote a glowing bronze for any skin type.

TanFresh™ Blend Tea Tree Oil plus a unique skin emollient protect against aftertan odor.

Fragrance: Citrus Cranberry Citrus, Juicy Orange, Mandarin, Fresh Pineapple, Rich Cranberry, Sweet Sugar