Ooh La La Tingle Bronzer

Ooh La La Tingle Bronzer
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Product Description

Size: 13.5 oz

Your sultry hot, seductive bronze is an expression of surprise to all those in your presence.

Sizzling hot, yet refined persona allows you to saunter through the crowd with ease. Everyone stares in awe while you mingle with the crowd as only you know the power of your presence.

Youre hot, in more ways than one! Your Fiery Attraction is Unstoppable The Mansion Awaits You!

Purified advanced tanning accelerators for your darkest tan!

25X black Bronzers for instant bronzing gratification.

DHA Clear Bronzers adds an extra level of bronze for a deeper tan.

Extra hot tingle action improves and stimulates a darker bronze color!

Silicone Emulsion.