Nude Awakening Pkt

Nude Awakening Pkt
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Size: Pkt

Australian Gold’s Nude Awakening™ joins the 2015 product line as a direct replacement for the bestselling Mood Indigo that is now retired. It contains a high level of natural bronzers for a dark, instant glow.

20th Dimension Bare It All Bronzer: Contains a high level of natural bronzers, including Henna, Indigo, and Hibiscus, that blend together flawlessly with Melanin Activators for instant dark results and deeper, gorgeous color. BodyBlush™ Blend: Works to energize the skin for optimal color results and a rosy flushed finish with no irritation. BioActive Bronzing Minerals: Features 92 naturally occurring essential minerals, including copper, that aid in skin metabolism, skin rejuvenation, and smoothing for healthier, stronger skin and a visably alluring appearance.

•Paraben Free •Natural Bronzers + Melanin Activators •BodyBlush™ Blend Fragrance: Berry Buff