Moda Milano

Moda Milano
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12.25 oz

Cashmere Blended Aroma Therapeutic Cream-Oil With Acaiberry, Caviar Extracts, & Subliskin™

Become part of the elite crowd as you put on your greatest fashion accessory…your tan! This cashmere blended aroma therapeutic maximizer will make you shine among fashion gurus around the world!

Caviar Extracts - A rich moisturizing agent full of proteins & vitamins. BodyFit™ - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness. Subliskin™ - Creates a moisture barrier on the skin while helping to increase appearance of elasticity, density and firmness. FreshTek™ - A proprietary blend of deodorizing and freshening ingredients.

Fragrance: Oriental Black Cashmere Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, Bronzer, Skin Firming