Luxx Black

Luxx Black
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12.5 oz

Luxx™ Black 50x Bronzer Ultra Luxurious Limited Edition

Experience the absolute pinnacle in pure excellence and ultra luxury with Luxx™ Black. This rare 50x Black Bronzing formulation combines lavish amounts of natural and sunless bronzers, rich dark tan maximizers, and Black Pearl for the absolute ultimate in high performance dark tanning gratification, while a wealth of precious resources pamper your skin with decadent hydration.

A uniquely blended 50x black bronzing system further darkens skin after UV exposure for the ultimate in dark tanning results. Revolutionary Tanning Complex blended with powerful tan extension technology creates the ultimate in long lasting gorgeous color. 24 Karat Liquid Gold indulges your skin with a rich, glowing, radiant appearance. Rare Black Pearl & Diamond Dust captivate the full spectrum of light, cascading it onto the skin’s surface for a more natural and brilliant color and tone. Elegantly blended silk proteins and luxurious silicones leave skin feeling incredibly smooth, soft and decadent to the touch.