Liquid Assets Pkt

Liquid Assets Pkt
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28th Dimension Elite Bronzer With Champagne & Caviar Complex

Firstclass natural bronzers, DHA and exclusive Mahakanni Extract. Champagne & Caviar Complex drenches skin in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins for an intoxicatingly bronze hue. Exquisite Skincare, infused with Black Pearl Extract, soothe and condition for flawless color that will have others envious.

28th Dimension Bronzer: Superior blend of DHA, Natural Bronzers and our exclusive Mahakanni Extract, for maximum instant and rapidly developed, delayed results Champagne & Caviar Complex: Deluxe ingredients detoxify and promote suppleness for smooth, radiant skin tone Exquisite Skincare: Black Pearl Extract, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E rejuvenate and heal for a healthylooking glow Premium Moisturizers: Decadent blend of Oils and Shea Butter moisturize for longerlasting deep, dark color ParabenFree

Lavish in this Sparkling Mimosa Fragrance