Lemon the Life Pkt

Lemon the Life Pkt
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Dark Intensifier

Sip your daiquiri pool-side and pretend that summer never ends with this invigorating citrus Intensifier! Sweet as sugar, this Wildberry Blend balances skin for a vibrant tan of the islands. Feel bikini-ready with the toning properties of Natural Antioxidants while our Skin Perfecting Primer works to smooth your skin. Summer is upon us with Lemon the Life™!

Wildberry Blend- Keeps skin looking radiant, refined and youthful with vitamin-rich Berries Lemon Daiquiri Skincare- Loaded with electrolytes to quench skin’s thirst for essential minerals, while citrus fruit helps purify skin to brighten the complexion Natural Antioxidants- Work to soothe skin and assist in toning for a slim silhouette Invigorating Ginseng- Boosts immune system and improves energy Boosted BioBronze™ Blend- Tropical fruit smoothie of natural color enhancers Skin Perfecting Primer- Helps fill in lines and wrinkles for smooth, sexy skin while delivering a flawless, matte finish Fragrance: Summer Splash- Melon, Citrus, Peach Blossom, Musk