JWoww Love of My Life Pkt

JWoww Love of My Life Pkt
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White DHA and Erythrulose is blended flawlessly with an intense bronzer in a white base to ensure streakfree, smudgefree gorgeous dark color. Jenni is so excited to share with you all what Iíve been working on Ė my JWOWW Private Reserve Love of my Lifeô Bronzer!! Since I came out with my Wedding White Bronzer a few years ago, I have gotten so many requests to bring it back, so here it is!

This New bronzer contains a special blend of White DHA and Erythrulose combined with Concentrated Black Walnut Extract to give you instant color that will develop darker over time. Rose and White Birch to smooth and nourish for the softest skin imaginable. Itís only available for a limited time, so get it before itís gone!

This product was inspired by my love for Meilani and Roger. They are my life and I wanted to dedicate this product to my next chapter. Hereís to love! xoxo

Deeply moisturizes your skin which helps maintain your tan longer Golden Seaweed gives your skin blushing glow Rose and White Birch Extracts soothes skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth Yogurt Based lotion with Pear Extracts smooths skin Suitable for all skin types as this lotion does not contain any tingle Fragrance: Precious Moments