Irresistible Beauty

Irresistible Beauty
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Size: 10 oz

Indulge your skin in this ultra luxe intensive tanning serum. At the core, pristine glacier water combines with dark tanning Swedish Marine indegredients to form a miraculous serum suspended within this extraordinary lotion. You'll be Irresistbly Beautiful with this unique Ultra Extreme Bronzers: Multiple layers of bronzers and a new DHA system combine for the darkest immediate and extended color.

PhytoDark™ Marine Blend: Melanin enhancing bioactive Brown Algae harvested from the Baltic Sea intensifies your ability to bronze Glacial Water: Pure-untouched water from high altitudes (1800 meters) instantly provides 24-hour hydrated skin.

Skinmimics® Age-defying Blend: Contains ingredients similar to lipids in skin, providing anti-wrinkle and collagen enhancing properties infusing skin with the look of.

Swedish Marine Ingredients: Seaborne cocktail of Sea Minerals and Seaweed from deep within the North Sea cushions skin against moisture loss.