Hemp Nation Natural Bronzer Packet

Hemp Nation Natural Bronzer Packet
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Get the dark color you desire, instantly! Strong natural bronzers are perfectly blended for gorgeous, deep bronze satisfaction. New Hemp Seed Hydrating Complex combines with a luxurious HydraRich™ Blend for superior hydration that deeply penetrates to provide longerlasting moisturization. Nourish the skin with a trio of Australian SuperFruits for a healthy, beautiful glow. Use with every tanning session to secure your passport to the world of Hemp Nation!

Instant Natural Bronzer: Blend of immediate bronzers provide an even, instant bronzed hue.

Hemp Seed Hydrating Complex: Absorbs quickly and provides supreme hydration for deeply moisturized dark color.

Australian SuperFruits: Combination of three aboriginal Plums help protect against free radicals and environmental factors for a healthy, strong tanning canvas.

HydraRich™ Blend: Ultimate moisturizing trio works to hydrate and locking moisture to the skin.

THCDrug and Paraben Free

Fragrance: Tropical Colada