HD Mann Body Spray Tan Extender

HD Mann Body Spray Tan Extender
Item# HD_Mann_Body_Spray_TanExtender
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Product Description

Size: 5 oz

Exclusive Skin Activated Moisture Technology

Made for the most alluring, sophisticated tanners who demand dark bronzing power without the use of DHA.

Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion provides maximum hydration and protection while imparting skin with a velvety soft finish to leave skin looking as good as it feels.

* Recharge your tan with ENERGEN, a complex that supplies rugged male skin with the necessary energy to help prevent and combat the signs of aging * Vitatan® provides skin with the vital nutrients and energy to develop deeper color results * Skin conditioning agents help moisturize and prevent skin from drying out, for longer lasting tanning results * Convenient spray provides quick application while Wanted Fragrance leaves you smelling simply irresistible.