Gold Tini Pkt

Gold Tini Pkt
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7X Accelerators 25X Bronzers 25X Silicones. You Can Never Have Too Much Of A Good Thing...Indulge In The Life Of Luxury!This magical dual silicone emulsion with advanced bronzers and a touch of shimmer is the latest advancement in tanning and skin care. The soft, supple feel after each use is actually a moisture lock barrier that helps keep the necessary vitamins and botanical extracts working. 24 hours of continuous skin care benefits and moisturization keeps your skin looking its very best. Advanced quadruple stain and streakfree bronzing blend coupled with its Patented* accelerating complex gives you the immediate skin tone, rich coloration and natural glow that you would expect after each tanning bed session.Unique skin firming, antiaging lotion fortified with ample doses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, nature's finest moisturizer, drenches your skins thirst for more.Gold 24 Karat Sexy Tini.... Priceless Bronzing and Beauty Skin Deep! White Tea, Thyme & Champagne