Girlfriend Sexy Radiant Bronzer Pkt

Girlfriend Sexy Radiant Bronzer Pkt
Item# GF_Sexy_Radiant_Bornozer_Pkt
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Product Description

Size: Pkt

Don't let your color play hard to get, take control of your dark bronze fantasy! Leave them breathless with this heartbreakingly beautiful bronzer that will embrace skin with love, leaving it sultry and begging to be touched. Dream Maker Technology works to tone and tighten, keeping you irresistibly hot for date-night with your current crush. Love is in the air, so knock em dead girlfriend!

50 Radiant Fantasy Bronzers- Impart impossibly dark color, leaving your secret admirers in a golden daze.

NEW Dream Maker Technology- Helps maintain the elasticity of your skin for a more youthful appearance.

Curve Appeal Technology- Stevia primer blend helps visibly tone, smooth and firm skin.

Sweet Treats- Blueberries & Dark Chocolate fight free radicals for more youthful-looking skin.

Fragrance: Darling Desire- Cassis, Coconut, Plum, Sugar, Vanilla Sandalwood