Girly Girl

Girly Girl
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Size: 8.5 oz

Ultra Dark Bronzing Formula with SoftChic Silicones and Skin Firmers. This tanning lotion is Sweet, Soft and Smooth.

A Siliconerich blend plus skin firmers help maintain your cuteness and leave you feeling velvetysmooth to the touch.

Ultra Dark DHA Bronzing Blend allows skin to further darken after UV exposure for a smooth, longlasting, healthierlooking tan.

Potent MagnaColor™ Tanning Technology helps accelerate and amplify the skin's natural melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest darkest level.

Advanced 5part antioxidantrich skinfirming blend with Vitamins A, C, E, Sugarcane, and Sweet Almond Oil helps skin appear firmer, more toned, and youngerlooking.

SoftChic™ Silicone blend with Milk Proteins and Safflower makes you feel pretty as it hydrates and helps condition your skin leaving it silkysoft and smooth.

Fragrance: Sugar Sparkle