Forever Black

Forever Black
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50XXX Instantly Dark Dramatic Bronzing Gelee Infused with Silicone Micro-beads Your inner desires are now attainable…become Forever Black with this 50XXX Silicone Bronzing Gelee. Instant and Delayed Bronzers work together to help you reach bronzed perfection. Ceraminde 2 - Creates a moisture barrier on the skin to lock in moisture BodyFit™ - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness Subliskin™ - Creates a moisture barrier on the skin while helping to increase appearance of elasticity, density and firmness. Mangosteen - A powerful antioxidant that may help reduce appearance of aging. Acai Oil - A powerful fruit oil loaded with antioxidants. FreshTek™ - A proprietary blend of deodorizing and freshening ingredients Fragrance: Alluring Amber Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, Silicone Bronzer, Skin Firming 12.25 oz