Eye Candy Bronzer Pkt

Eye Candy Bronzer Pkt
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Size: Pkt

15x Eye Catching Bronzers combine Caramel with DHA to give you instant gratification and longer lasting bronze enjoyment. Guiltfree Skincare hydrates and nourishes for an extraordinarily healthy glow. No need to work out after this treat, a pinch of Caffeine will invigorate and firm for beautiful, dark results. Craveable Conditioners will have everyone wondering ust how you look so good. With this perfect recipe for bronzing perfection, you are sure to be the Eye Candy all will be demanding!

15x Eye Catching Bronzers: Perfectly measured blend of Caramel and DHA to provide both instant and delayed, dark color

Guiltfree Skincare: Delicious sprinkle of Strawberry Extract and Brown Sugar deeply nourish for decadently soft skin

Toning Caffeine Shot: Energizes and firms for improved texture and appearance

Craveable Conditioners: Shea Butter and lush Oils work together for deep moisturization and a lustrous, satin look and finish

Beautiful pink, nonstaining lotion

Juicy Starburst Fragrance