Duh You're Dark Pkt

Duh You're Dark Pkt
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Dark Bronzing Serum It's simple You want to look good. Duh! You want to have a great tan. Duh! You have to use this incredible dark bronzing serum with TripleTan Maximizers, D2 Bronzers and powerful antioxidants for amazingly dark color and fantastic looking skin. Duh! You're Dark! D2 Dark bronzers combine the power of DHA and Natural bronzers for streak-free balanced color that continues to darken after UV exposure. --TripleTan Maximizers help stimulate melanin production for a deeper, darker, richer tan --Powerful antioxidant blend of Acai and Argon oil helps combat the signs of aging by targeting fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. --Unique light weight formula penetrates skin faster, delivering nutrients and hydration for a longer lasting tan.