DragonFruit Pkt

DragonFruit Pkt
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This amazingly powerful silk bronzer contains luxurious skin conditioners, antioxidants, ultra dark tanning activators, silicone emulsion, after tan odor eliminators, and is blended with dragon fruit extracts.

Ultra dark tanning activators in the indoor tanning lotion make your skin cells more receptive to the effects of UV energy, while tyrosine supplies the skin with the enzyme necessary to trigger melanin production. The formula also contains DHA and other delayedaction bronzers that will perfect and refine the instant results for hours after you're tanning session has finished.

The Squeeze DRAGONFRUIT DOMINATION Indoor Tanning Lotion is enriched with dragonfruit, an exotic fruit that is very rich in wrinklefighting antioxidants. A rich silicone emulsion and natural emollients hydrate the skin to smooth away imperfections and prevent flaking and peeling, and the formula contains an odor eliminator to keep you feeling fresh.