Dark Chocolate Tini

Dark Chocolate Tini
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Size: 12.5 oz

Dark Tanning Cocktail - 5 Shots of Sizzle Pure Sweetness in This Decadent Tanning Cocktail Created for You, the Posh Tanner. Grab hold, tip one back and let the rich Chocolate aroma satisfy your hunger for the darkest tan imaginable while you quench your skins thirst with this unique moisture-rich, skin firming, anti-aging lotion with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the true meaning of tanning indulgence. This Tini complex features stain & streak-free bronzers, for a complete maintenance free experience, and our exclusive 20 minute heat formula that provides optimum micro-circulation without the tingle. Dark Chocolate Tini™…An Intoxicating Experience You Won’t Want to Miss! Bottoms Up! Divine Chocolate