CT 7 Accelerator Bronzer Pkt

CT 7  Accelerator Bronzer Pkt
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Product Description

Consisting of the perfect blend of rich, golden luxury and high-performance technology, this Step One Accelerator with Quatro Bronzing Activators speeds up the color development and completes the ultimate tanning experience with a brilliant kick of color. SMART Technology picks up skin signals to deliver and fine-tune the Savvy Seven throughout the skin where they are needed most to maximize dark tanning performance. The Savvy Seven are: Oxygen, Energy, Copper, Zinc, H20, Electrolytes & Anti-Oxidants - believed to be the seven key components to reaching skin-homeostasis where performance can reach its optimal level for maximum, dark tan development. Quatro Bronzing Activators, California Tan's most advanced bronzing system, provides a powerful dose of DHA bronzers to deepen color and deliver instant gratification