Chez Mystique

Chez Mystique
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Size: 10 oz


Lose yourself in a decadent dream of luxurious dark color, while our exclusive hand blended Crystal Lustre Emulsion pours over skin for deep, immediate hydration and sublime smoothness.

Dark color is achieved through the advanced Bronzing Matrix infused with Black Pearl Lustre to impart a glowing opalescence to the skin. The elusive rich shade of bronze you desire is now yours!

New Black Pearl Bronzing Matrix Technology Provides a lower priced option in this collection.

Black Pearl Bronzing Matrix optimizes UltraPure DHA, the finest tanning intensifiers and Black Pearl Lustre to ensure a natural looking glow.

Moisturizing base derived from Coconut and Olive Oil provide essential fattyacids to help recharge skin and prolong the life of your tan.

Crystal Lustre Emulsion utilizes liquid crystals to deliver luxurious skin careingredients to the skin for a more efficient tanning session.

Fragrance: Ginger & Sugar Plum