California Tan Ionyx Soft Triple Bronzer

California Tan Ionyx Soft Triple Bronzer
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Product Description

Size: 7 oz

Best for: Frequent tanners who need maximum hydration and seek ultradark results, plus the immediate color provided by a bronzer.

Get yourself the sultry and seductive look quickly with the Ionyx Bronzer featuring ion technology for darker color. This base tan builder uses Soft Triple bronzer that gives extra boost for immediate, naturallooking tan in 24 hours. The TimeRelease Hydration system locks in moisture in your skin to keep it supple.

The Ionyx Bronzer comes with TyroStan, a water soluble element that stimulates growth of melanin for a faster, more even tan. Grape seed oil in this lotion acts as antioxidant helping fight wrinkles and fine lines.

Feel: MoistureRich whipped lotion

Fragrance: Vanilla Chai Tea