Australian Gold Wandering Sol Bronzer Packet

Australian Gold Wandering Sol Bronzer Packet
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Carefree Natural Bronzer With Wild Bush Blend

Allow yourself a daily hiatus to a bronzed paradise! This Carefree Natural Bronzer ensures streakfree, immediate results with ease for that straightfromthebeach color. Wild Bush Blend brings the power of the Outback with Cassia Extract that soothes the skin, while Chantelle Mushroom Extract nourishes for touchable skin for any occasion. Polished Perfection moisturizes and smooths for a soft tanning canvas, while Vitalize Blend provides antioxidants to the skin for an undeniably firstclass complexion. Dark, gorgeous color will be your Wandering Sol™’s final destination!

Carefree Natural Bronzer: Streakfree blend of Natural Bronzers and Shea Butter impart immediate, hydrated dark color results.

Wild Bush Blend: Native Australian Cassia Extract and Mushroom Extract combine to help soothe and nourish for soft, touchable skin.

Polished Perfection: Mixture of luxurious Oils help to rejuvenate and lockin moisture for longer lasting dark color.

Vitalize Blend: Vitamins E, B5 and C help neutralize free radicals for a youthful, glowing complexion.