12 Most Tingle Pkts

12 Most Tingle Pkts
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Size: 4 Pkts Each

S.H.O. 6000 Pkt

SHO 6000 is formulated for tanners that use Hot Action products and are ready to step up the intensity. This innovative formula contains powerful anti-itch ingredients that help eliminate a common side effect of Hot Action products. Generous levels of amplifying & stimulating oils, Protovanol, ATP and soluble tyrosine speed your tanning rate. Enhanced with Oxysomes encapsulated antioxidant Vitamins E & C plus our special moisture complex to help skin stay soft, supple and healthy looking even through the demands of today's high pressure tanning.

Absolute Heat Pkt

There's hot tingle lotions, and then there's ABSOLUTE HEAT! This Super High Output tanning lotion is developed for extra dark color, with an absolutely envigorating tanning experience. Our Biobronze complex uses all natural bronzers for deep golden color, while a maximum amount of tingle factor makes sure your tan is felt as much as it is seen. Crme Brulee fragrance.

Island Heat Pkt

15X Hot Action Dark Tanning Lotion. Give your skin the Island kissed color of the tropics. Island Heat with 15x tingle will make you feel and look like you just stepped off the beach into your deepest, dark tan. Anti aging, firming, and complexion balancing ingredients will provide a sanctuary of healthy, youthful skin.