12 Hot Spice Pkts

12 Hot Spice Pkts
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4 Pkts Each

Campus Haughty Pkt...Heat up yourself and the campus. This 50 credit bronzer has a hot tingle, bold and brash enough for the haughtiest of hotties. The new fruit extract base with silicones kindles a healthy looking glow and softness upon which 50X bronzing creates a full body of work worthy of straight ABC's every semester. Tropical Orange/Mango Fragrance.

Caramel Spice...Caramel Spice is for the tanning adventurous! Maximum levels of the Nutmeg Warming Complex provide an intense skin stimulating sensation, while private reserve levels of the CuO2 Complex technology promote maximum tanning results. Caramel bronzing agents provide instant color while the true tan develops. The Bio-saccharide Complex helps combat the after tan odor.

Poten C Hot...Extreme Hot Bronzers Deliver skin the ultimate in UV-activated vitamin C stress defense and high performance tanning concentrates for powerful, dark color.