12 Cal Tan Hot Pkts

12 Cal Tan Hot Pkts
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4 Pkts Each

Mayhem Far East Pkt.....Heat Level 12 tingle formula increases blood flow and tanning cell activity with Wasabi, Ginger and Rice Bran Oil. Triple bronzing formula with natural bronzers and DHA based BronzeExtend Complex for advanced tanning and longlasting results.

Caramel Spice Pkt.....For the tanning adventurous! Maximum levels of the Nutmeg Warming Complex provide an intense skin stimulating sensation, while private reserve levels of the CuO2 Complex technology promote maximum tanning results. Caramel bronzing agents provide instant color while the true tan develops. The Biosaccharide Complex helps combat the after tan odor.

Ionyx Hot Bronzer Pkt.....Whipped Lotion with Time Release Ion Therapy, Triple Bronzer and Level 15 Hot Action. Ionyx offers the perfect fix with time release hydration and ion technology for fast, dark, vibrant color and healthy looking skin. For Frequent tanners who need maximum hydration and seek ultradark results, plus the immediate color provided by a bronzer and tanning benefits of Hot Action.